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Intriguing Process of Block Printing - Tahiliya

Intriguing Process of Block Printing

We all might remember our childhood when we used to make colorful impressions on our drawing books using a half-cut lady-finger. The half-cut ladyfinger was dipped into watercolors and then impressions were created on the drawing books. The Block printing technique is more or less similar to our childhood painting technique.

The intricate designs on the fabric that we see are not drawn using a paintbrush. Rather it is done using teak woods. A lot of expertise goes into making each design on the fabric.

Hand block printing is an age-old method of printing on fabric. It requires no introduction. Even after the passage of time and undergoing revolutions, block-printed fabrics have not lost their charm. People all around the world still reminisce about this beautiful piece of art.

block printing process
History of Block Printing
It is difficult to trace the history of block printing. It is believed that this technique took birth sometime around 3000B.C. The earliest traces of block printing can be found in Mesopotamia. The engraved patterns on the coins found by various archaeologists are sufficient to suffice that block printing existed during that era.

India is considered to be one of the hubs of block printing in today's time. But if historians are to be believed, the technique found its way in India from China. In India, this technique got a major boost during the 12th century. And since then, it has never died down. With the passage of every century, the demand for it has grown manifolds.

hand block printing process
Process of block printing
Block printed dresses are a delight to the sight. The intricacy of patterns is a pure sight to behold. But have you ever wondered, how much does the crafter of block print have to toil?

The design and the pattern are left to the discretion of the crafter. It is his creativity that gives the fabric its real charm. Once the crafter is ready with his design, he carves them on a teak block. Then, these teak blocks are filled with lively colors. The color-filled teaks are very carefully impressed upon the fabric.

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