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Immemorial Craft of Block Print Dresses - Tahiliya

Immemorial Craft of Block Print Dresses

Ever wondered, what makes the block print dresses so special? We all know that everything has a life that ends. So, how can the craze for block print dresses still subsist?

Block print dresses have an immeasurable history. It is hard to say when this culture popped up and how many times it has seen a revolution. Much less, has it ever seen a revolution?

Historical Matrix
Let us try to search for all the answers. Block printing technique has been in fashion since time immemorial. The block printing technique gained pace during the Mughal Era. If one goes through history, one would find that the ladies during that period preferred to wear dresses with the beautiful art of block printing done on them. Since that period, hand block printing art has never seen a slide in its demand. Another fascinating feature of this art is that it has never failed to adapt to contemporary styles. Time has only affected the designs and patterns on the dresses. With time, preferences and taste changes. And therefore, the designs and patterns on the dresses have also changed. This is the only change that the hand block printing has suffered throughout.

hand block printed dressesMaking of Block Prints
The method to emboss blocks on the fabric is very fascinating. The beauty of the design is dependent upon the mastery of the crafter. It is his mind play that brings forth the serenity in the dress. He carves out intriguing designs on the wooden blocks and fills them with colors. It is only after that the crafter carefully embosses the teak on the dress. Art-play of colors and designs is what one is looking for in their hand-block printed dresses.

Block Prints at Tahiliya
We at Tahiliya believe to promote this ancient and immemorial art. We specialize in hand block printed dresses for women. We operate to promote block printed dresses with fine quality of the fabric and that too at an affordable price. You can shop for block printed kurtas and many more. All you need to do is visit our website and place your order for your favorite outfit, and happiness would be delivered at your doorstep.

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