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Delve into the world of Shibori Prints - Tahiliya

Delve into the world of Shibori Prints

Just like technology, fashion cannot be caged to just one place. Advancement in technology and the presence of social media has contributed to the globalization fashion all around the world. What is trending in the United States today, will be seen trending in India tomorrow. What is trending in the European continent today will become the talk of the town in the African continent tomorrow. But it is not only now that fashion has jumped off all the boundaries. It has been doing so for many ages. One such example is the Shibori printing technique. The Shibori print technique does not require any introduction. An age-old printing technique that primarily developed in Japan.

Shibori Prints
Historical Background
The Shibori technique is believed to be developed sometime during the 7th century in Japan. It is believed that this technique was born due to the forbiddance of the lower class to wear silk during that time. The term Shibori has been derived from the Japanese term 'Shiboru' which means 'to wring, squeeze, press'.

Shibori Printing was done on the Cotton fabric. It was done using the indigo color on the cotton fabric.

How shibori is done
It is a surprising thing that despite being an age-old technique, Shibori has not lost its charm. It never fails to find a buyer for itself. The magic lies in the process of doing the Shibori printing. Different and unique patterns are created by twisting, folding, and binding the fabric using strings, bands, wooden blocks, etc. Each time a unique pattern is produced. If the technique is repeated, we will see a new unique design. That is what distinguishes Shibori from other printing methods. It is this unique quality that attracts the people most towards it. Another fascinating fact is, the creator himself is unaware of what design or pattern will be formed on the fabric. Continuous repetition of this technique will give you a new and unique result. There are endless possibilities of results that you can get on the fabric.

how shibori printing is done
Tahiliya for Shibori
If you are looking for the best Shibori prints, Tahiliya is your one-stop shopping destination. Quality of fabrics and traditional methodology for preparation are the key factors that set us aside from other contemporaries.

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