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Our Story

Tahiliya is a brain-child of a hard-working Mother and her sons who wanted to bring the presence of her designs & high-quality products out to the rest of the world using online shopping as a new platform.

Mrs. Shalini Dutta, co-founder & designer, has been in the ethnic womenswear industry for 20+ years serving happiness through her clothes to most of Delhi NCR for decades. Seeing the business flourish within the city and customers loyalty being never-ending, her sons decided to help her expand the reach of her master craft through pan-India and globally using the by introducing an online shopping brand which we now know as Tahiliya. 

Tahiliya was founded to fill a purpose of giving higher value to ethnic clothing shoppers, by providing them with the highest quality of ethnic clothes at extremely competitive prices. With the help of some research, it was noticed that mainstream ethnic clothing brands in India had a consistent decline in the quality of their fabrics over the years with more commercial blending, while increasing retail prices year-on-year. Tahiliya's purpose is to keep ethnic Indian culture true to it's core by ensuring that the highest quality of fabrics is used when producing elegantly-designed clothes in order to keep customer satisfaction at the highest priority. 

Our blockprinting Karigars who produce the fabric of your beloved clothes are based in the deeply-rooted ethnic cultures of Rajasthan and it is with their help that our design team is able to consistently introduce new designs into our product line. The beauty of handblockprinted fabrics is that they're imperfect in nature, which showcases the involvement of human hands, bringing the real beauty of ethnic clothing culture out for the world to see.

For those who aren't familiar with the term handblock printing, it is a traditional form of textile printing that has been used in various cultures for centuries. The process involves creating designs on wooden blocks and using them to stamp patterns onto fabric. This method requires skill and patience, as each block must be perfectly aligned to create a continuous design. Handblock printing produces unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that cannot be replicated by machine printing. Additionally, this process is eco-friendly and sustainable, as it does not require electricity or harmful chemicals, which ensures that we keep our brand as sustainable & good-for-the-earth as possible. 

Since the pure nature of Handblock printing is hands-on, it requires extraordinary skills and uses extremely intricate techniques as it's not (and shouldn't be) an automated process. This ensures the involvement of human workforce rather than industrial machines which enables us to empower more & more Karigars to continue the craft that they've mastered over ages. We thrive to enrich the livelihood of our Karigars & support their careers so they can continue to support themselves & their families.

We are a team of 50+ members, deeply in love with the concept of of traditional ethnic clothing and the art of producing them. We're always on the lookout for such diamonds-in-the-rough that we can fine-tune and bring to light across the world. Our introduction of Chikankari clothing in 2021 was yet another symbolism of our core belief of delivering the highest quality of products to our customers. No longer do women need to hunt for such Lucknowi masterpieces, as we do all the groundwork for you so you can experience this extravagantly elegant fabric (that takes over 6-12 months to make) at the comfort of your own home. 
We promise to always keep our mission of serving our customers with the finest quality of ethnic clothing at prices that are as reasonable as it can be, and aim to be the #1 go-to ethnic clothing brand for all women across the world. 

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