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Stay Trendy with Cotton Kurtas - Tahiliya

Stay Trendy with Cotton Kurtas

There would hardly be any person around who would have not heard about a kurta. Women's cotton kurtas are one of the most common and yet most sought-after outfits. Their comfort and style keep them in a different league as compared to other traditional outfits.

A kurta can be defined as a long top that generally has a knee height. One would find this attire during festive times and get-together.

There is nothing in the history books to tell us about the emergence of the kurta. The only thing that we know is that this outfit has been most famous in the sub-continent region for a long time. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and regions of Nepal and Sri Lanka have been prominent with their usage.

Another notable fact about a kurta is that this outfit was famous amongst the men. Scholars, poets, and other people with eminent status used to be seen wearing Kurtas in earlier times. It is after many years, that this apparel became famous amongst the women as well.

Revolution in Kurta fashion
Earlier, plain and simple cotton kurtas were preferred by everyone. But as the times changed, textures and styles of kurtas also changed. From simple, people have moved on to designer kurtas. These designer kurtas have artisanal craftwork done on them. Another set of Kurtas that have taken over the fashion line is the block print kurta. Despite block printing being an age-old technique, it has never failed to find a place in the wardrobes. It is the novelty of designs that does not let them die.

Tahiliya for Hand Block Printed Cotton Kurtas
If you are looking for block-printed cotton kurtas, Tahiliya is your one-stop shopping destination. Tahiliya has become a household name when it comes to hand-block printed kurtas. We strive to serve you with the best quality of fabric at an affordable price. At the same time, we also promote Indian art and its unmatchable artisanal craft. Lively colors, trendy styles, and quality of the fabric are what make us one of the most preferred brands for hand block printed cotton kurtas.

Visit Tahiliya and grab your favorite hand block printed cotton kurta!

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