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Chanderi Silk in Diwali - Tahiliya

Chanderi Silk in Diwali

Diwali—the festival of lights is all about crackers, celebrations, food, and colorful clothes. This is the best time to discover new trends, buy the fanciest clothes, and show off your looks. 

Diwali is the time of the year when we all feel the rush of excitement and joy. Families and friends reunite to celebrate together, making the air warm and joyous all over the country. This five-day-long festival celebrates the victory of good over evil. Although it emerged from the Hindu religion, it is celebrated as a cultural event around the world. 

The one thing that completes Diwali is your outfit! Everyone wants to try a new avatar and dazzle up with the most entrancing style. Chanderi silk is a fabric that has been around for some time, making your Diwali outfits look ravishing. From the traditional Chanderi Sarees to Chanderi Kurtas, this fine fabric is known to create picture-perfect Diwali looks.

Let's do a mini-bio about this fabric and discover why it is perfect for your Diwali outfit! 

What Is Chanderi Silk?

Chanderi is an ethnic fabric characterized by its beautiful texture, luxuriousness, and Cotton-light weight. It is produced by weaving in golden Zari and Silk fibers in a conventional Cotton yarn that gives off a very fine shimmering texture. 

Where Did the Name Come from?

The fabric derives its name from the small town of Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh. This is the place where skilled weavers practice the art of manufacturing Silk and Cotton sarees, draped in fine Zari work.

The Origin 

Chanderi town is an epicenter for the handloom clusters in India. The Chanderi fabric is produced in this town using mechanical Cotton Warps and Wefts. But the true evolution of the fabric began in the 1890s when skilled weavers in Chanderi started using mill mad yarns instead of handspun Ybarns. But if the folklores are to be believed, the Chanderi fabric is known to have its origin in the Vedic times. It is said that the fine fabric was founded by Shishupal, Lord Krishna's cousin. 

In 1910, Chanderi Sarees were dominantly worn by the royal family of Scindia. But during the Mughal era, the popularity of this fabric touched epic heights. It was a personal favorite fabric of queens in India. 

In the 1930s, Japanese Silk was introduced in Chanderi. The weavers began replacing the wraps of Cotton Sarees with Japanese Silk, and that is how the variant material of Chanderi Silk came into existence.

Why Is Chanderi Silk Perfect for Diwali? 

So many decades have gone by, but this fabric has not lost its prime. It is elegant and lightweight, making it an ideal and safe choice for Diwali wear. Usually made from cotton and Silk, the Kurtas and Sarees made from this material are must-have items for every fashion connoisseur. 

Chanderi Silk Sarees are still considered the most understated Indian attire. The Chanderi dresses are an impeccable choice for summer wear as well as for ethnic festivals like Diwali.


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