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About Us

Welcome to The Tahiliya Family
Tahiliya is an online shopping destination started by Mrs. Shalini Datta and her sons. Tahiliya might sound to be a new concept to Indian traditional lovers, but the fact is that we have been serving customers with women's apparel since 2000. We operate in the name of Mother Home, having a high retail presence.
Mother Home has received a lot of love from Indian art lovers. And on your demand, we decided to serve you online. Also, the pandemic gave us another reason to make our presence feel online and make it easy for our customers to get in touch with us and give us a chance to serve them with the finest quality of fabric even during this pandemic.
Mother Home started with the sole mission, 'To serve our customers with the finest quality of fabric at a reasonable price.'. This mission continues to be the mission of Tahiliya also without compromising on our values and quality of products.