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The Essence of Cotton Fabric in Summers - Tahiliya

The Essence of Cotton Fabric in Summers

Has that ever happened to you? You buy a gorgeous outfit for an event in the summers, and it just looks fabulous on you when you are in a dressing room. Until the day of the event when that same dress becomes unbearable to carry due to heat and sweat.

To be fair, summers are beautiful, but the heat can sometimes become intolerable, especially if you are in India. What you actually need is an outfit made of comfortable and breathable material. And our first choice in summers is always Cotton.

So, let’s explore the reasons why you should wear Cotton clothes in the summer.

A Little History First

Farmers have been cultivating Cotton for over 7000 years, making it one of the world’s oldest fabrics. It is a natural fiber extracted from the seedpod of the Cotton plant. Cotton remains one of the most widely used fibers ever known to man.

Note that the best quality Cotton is not properly sized, so look out for that while shopping.

Now let’s have a look at the main reasons why women should wear Cotton in summers.

1. Cotton Is Breathable and Controls Moisture

When you are working in heat, your body perspires. The Cotton fibers help absorb moisture and release it onto the fabric, making it evaporate. This enables breathability, allowing better air circulation. That is how Cotton keeps your body cool and dry.

Cotton also provides comfort when you are exercising. The fibers keep moisture from building up between your clothing and skin. According to The International Forum for Cotton Promotion, Cotton can absorb up to 27 times its weight in water before feeling damp.

2. Cotton Is Hypoallergenic and Provides Comfort

Cotton is the only natural fabric that causes no allergies and does not irritate the skin. Even people prone to skin problems such as eczema or rashes can safely wear Cotton clothing. The Cotton fibers possess hypoallergenic and moisture-repelling properties that contribute to the prevention of allergic reactions.

As a result, Cotton is an ideal choice for women who suffer from allergies and have sensitive skin.

3. Cotton Can Prevent Fungi Breeding

Many people grow skin rashes and fungal infections during the summers due to constant exposure to heat. Heat and moisture are what lead to the development of fungi and rashes. Wearing light Cotton outfits can help prevent these infections. Since the Cotton fibers breathe, they absorb moisture, reducing the chances of itching, fungal infections, and odor.

On the other hand, synthetic fibers just do the opposite. They retain heat and moisture, providing the breeding ground for the development of Fungi. You can avoid the risk by wearing light Cotton Kurtas. 

With so many benefits of wearing Cotton, you must be planning to shop for Cotton outfits to complete your summer wardrobe. Before you shop, don’t forget the check the fiber content labels. At Tahiliya, we have 100% pure Cotton fabric. Our Chikankari collection is made from the purest Cotton you can find.

If you prefer quality over everything, you should consider trying out Chikankari Cotton clothing. Visit our website and shop from our latest Chikankari collection now!

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