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Wholesale with Tahiliya

Work Collectively Towards the Greater Good

Welcome to Tahiliya, a subsidiary of Dutta Textco & SK Wears Group, your gateway to a legacy of over 40 years as India's premier textile manufacturer. Renowned for excellence, we supply global brands, embodying a harmonious blend of tradition, sustainability and innovation.

Our factories in New Delhi and Jaipur showcase our commitment to sustainable practices and modern technology. Our passionate team of artisans and designers drives our success, crafting designs that resonate worldwide. 

The Team

We're a team of 50+ passionate individuals, working together on the mission to revolutionize the textile industry. We have inhouse production, design, operations, marketing, tech development, business development and quality control teams.

Each department is empowered to freedom in various elements here at Tahiliya. We encourage our team to conduct frequent trial & experiments across all verticals in order to reach optimal efficiency & quality levels. We value attention to detail as much as our obsession for customer satisfaction.

Strive for Perfection

We're working harmoniously to ensure that we strive for whatever extent of perfection that we can. Our commitments to quality, consistency, timeliness & perseverance allows us to maintain excellent mutually-beneficial partnerships with our current wholesale partners.

Whether enriching your inventory or seeking bespoke creations, Tahiliya offers sophistication and integrity in every thread.

Join us in embracing decades of textile mastery, where wholesaling meets a tradition of excellence. Tahiliya - weaving stories of quality, sustainability, and global partnership.

If you're interested in bulk purchases/ wholesale/ import of our products, please reach out to us by filling the form below.